Serving the World Since 1988

Montana Grit

As Montanans, we’re stewards of the land, and we take animal welfare seriously.

We’re focused on providing customers with quality products – all while keeping our animals safe and healthy. It’s hard work, but it’s the way we do things around here.

Our team at Quad Five is passionate about providing quality blood products – and that starts with proper care and treatment of our animals. We provide customized, on-demand blood products from sheep, horses, bovine, and goats for customers around the globe. Even with this reach, we still embody Montana values. We have strong work ethic, compassion and respect for animals, honesty, and grit.

Pure Products – Guaranteed

We’re the only facility in the U.S. to guarantee traceability.

We’re an antibiotic-free facility.

We don’t feed our animals antibiotics to promote weight gain. We simply feed them right and take care of them. If an animal is treated with antibiotics for health reasons, it is then quarantined for 30 days before getting back in the donor line. That’s why our blood products are 100% traceable – and 100% pure.


We treat our animals like we treat our humans – like family.

And we run our ranch just like a family ranch – caring for our herds one day at a time.

Our team provides a clean, healthy environment for our animals. Feed is monitored – and the animals are exclusively blood donors for the operation. We care for these animals throughout their time as donors, which for some is the duration of their lives. After all, donor animals make better products.


Global Provider of High-Quality Microbiology Products

Our customers know they can trust us – and they can expect quality products from us – every time.
We produce the best quality blood and serum products in the world.

Our media and diagnostic products set a new standard for biological testing. Quad Five products are produced as critical components to advance biological diagnostics across a range of applications, including HIV/AIDS testing. Our products are utilized in clinical medical centers, laboratories, and universities around the world.

And while we’re contributing to major scientific advancements – we’re also dedicated to personalized, on-demand customer service, while caring for our animals. It’s what we do. And we love what we do.


An Experienced Team – Ready to Serve

Wiley Micks


Years with Quad Five: 33

With a degree in microbiology from the University of Illinois, Wiley’s integrity sets the pace for the entire ranch. He refuses to profit from animal cruelty. On this, he is unwilling to compromise. And Wiley’s leadership and honesty are infused throughout the culture of the entire team – making Quad Five one-of-a-kind.

Matt McAndrews

Operations Manager

Years with Quad Five: 9

Matt is a boots-on-the-ground kind of guy. He covers everything from customer service to ranch operations. You can usually find him on a four-wheeler – in the pasture – working with the animals.

Candy Mitchell

Office Manager/Customer Service

Years with Quad Five: 20

If you’ve called Quad Five, there’s a good chance you’ve spoken with Candy. Quick and efficient, Candy takes care of customers with a high level of detail, ensuring they have the information and products they need – when they need them.

Lori Jones

Lab Manager

Years with Quad Five: 22

Lori’s detail-oriented leadership ensures products are processed and on the truck quickly – guaranteeing complete quality for customers.

Humberto Juica

Ranch Operator

Years with Quad Five: 15

On the ranch from dawn until dusk every day, Humberto plays a key role in the everyday happenings of the farm and ranch operations. He is passionate about his work and always gets the job done right.

Ramiro Riviera

Livestock Supervisor

Years with Quad Five: 18

Taking care of our donor animals is what Ramiro does best. His attention to their needs translates into healthy donors – and excellent blood products.

Improving Health. Improving Life.