Quad Five’s sheep, horse, bovine, and goat blood products are collected and processed specifically to order. Blood products are collected within 8-24 hours of shipment to provide the highest quality possible.

Defibrinated Blood

Providing bulk sheep blood and horse blood to pour-plate manufacturers is the core of Quad Five’s business.

Blood is mechanically defibrinated in the original collection bag and pooled before transfer to final packaging. Before shipping, bags are gamma irradiated and equipped with a filter and luer lock connectors. Volumes can be customized to your batch size. Oxygen can be added to bags upon request.

Minimum packed cell volume for sheep and goats is 35%.
Minimum packed cell volume for horses and cattle is 38%.


Washed Red Blood Cells in 0.85% Saline

Cells are washed three times in .85% saline and packed 50:50 v/v in .85% saline. Cells are also available using PBS (phosphate buffered saline).

Blood in Anticoagulant

Blood is available in a variety of anticoagulants:

  • Alsevers
  • Citrate
  • Sodium Oxalate
  • Heparin
  • EDTA
  • Custom anticoagulants also available. Please ask your customer service representative.

Lysed Blood

Defibrinated blood is lysed using 50:50 v/v sterile D.I. water.

Laked Blood

Defibrinated blood is processed through three freeze/thaw cycles and shipped frozen for extended shelf life.

Laked / Lysed Blood

Defibrinated blood is lysed using 50:50 v/v sterile D.I. water and processed through three freeze/thaw cycles.

Laked / Lysed Supernate Blood

Defibrinated blood is lysed using 50:50 v/v sterile D.I. water, processed through three freeze/thaw cycles, and then clarified by centrifugation to remove cell debris.

Bottled blood products are available in 100, 250, 500, and 1000ml sizes and are packaged in PETG square media bottles. See catalog for specifics.



Sheep, horse, bovine, and goat serum are sterile filtered in 600-liter lots and packaged in 500ml bottles or 3.0 L sterile F style jugs.


Sheep, horse, bovine, and goat plasma are available. All plasma will be produced in the anticoagulant and packaging of your choice and provided as raw material or sterile filtered.

Quad Five maintains an inventory of sterile plasma produced in citrate, for all four donor species.

Plasma Derived Serum

Plasma derived serum is available from all four donor species (sheep, horse, cattle, goat). It is collected in acid citrate dextrose and artificially clotted with CaCl2 to remove the fibrin but retain the clotting factors.

All sterile serum products are packaged in PETG square media bottles and bulk 3.0L packaging in F style jugs.


Perishable Blood Products – 28-day expiration

Frozen Blood Products – 5-year expiration

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